Showcase Your Awesome, Stand Out from the Competition, & Boost Your Business!
“Are You Wondering Why It's so Hard to Get Your Products and Services Noticed?”
THIS JUST IN: It doesn't have to be hard!
My Dear Entrepreneur,

It seems like a never-ending process, doesn't it?
> Come up with a "winning" idea...
> Create and launch sure-to-make-them-buy idea...
> Wait for the sales to roll in...
> KEEP waiting for the sales to roll in...
> Wonder WHY the sales aren't rolling in...
> Cry in the corner with your head buried in a pint of ice cream. (You mean that's just me? Oh...)

Ever feel this way?! You're not alone! Every entrepreneur has been through this process more than once. And unfortunately it's no longer a "Build it and they will come" world we live in. But getting your books, coaching programs, courses, mugs, journals, t-shirts, etc. noticed so customers KNOW, LIKE and TRUST to buy them doesn't have to be such a struggle! 

With literally dozens of brands and hundreds of products under my belt, I know what it takes to get noticed and sell more products... AND services.

After all...

> I once wrote a financial book and I'm NOT a Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman... and I still sold hundreds of copies. (Learn from my successes so you can re-create them for yourself!)

> I've created hundreds of digital products that sold like gangbusters... and a few that totally sucked and cost me tens of thousands of dollars. (Learn from my mistakes so you don't repeat them!)

> I've launched physical products that have helped similar products sell just by association... without any extra work. (Learn how to apply this skill to ANY physical product, including books!)

These reasons (and more!) are why I decided to pull together all my tricks, knowledge and resources on how to make your products and services stand out with their unique look and feel... and release them in this exclusive The Casual Entrepreneur training.
This is NOT Your Grandma's Course on Branding!
NOPE... This is...
Show Up, Stand Out, Make Bank!
It's time for you to discover how to...
  • Take "The Basics" to The Next Level: Build your brand from the ground up... the right way!
  • Blow Past the Competition: You're competing against dozens... maybe even thousands... of others offering a similar product or service. Whether you're a coach, own a gift shop, are an artist, or author, you're not the only coach, retailer, artist, or author that exists. You need to know how to stand OUT!
  • Take Your Branding to The Next Level: Branding is way more than pretty colors and a set of fonts. Learn how to create multiple brands that all fit under your primary mission... and branch out into multiple streams of income through these brands.
Module 1: Show Up
  • Build Your Brand from the Ground Up... the Right Way! (Learn from my EPIC $15,000 mistake so you don't waste any more time and money!)
  • Use the RIGHT Fonts: What's the secret to the "perfect" logo? The "perfect" book cover title? The "perfect" mug design? It starts with the fonts you choose. We'll dig deep into the best fonts for your products and logos.
  • Use the RIGHT Images: Want to end up with thousands of dollars in fines just for using the wrong image? Then avoid this training... at your own peril. There's a secret to being able to use images commercially... and you can kill your business success before you ever launch if you get this wrong!
  •  Along with that... We'll also talk about headshots, professional photo shoots and how to make your entire look and feel FIT together for the best customer experience.
Module 2: Stand Out
  • Super Demo! Watch in REALTIME as I research the competition, scout out what's available, and create a brand for one of my own product lines.
  •  Case Study! Who's up for a fresh look? One lucky student will get their brand designed from scratch OR re-designed... LIVE!* This may be a book series graphic, a logo, or a product line overall "look." (*This is a Case Study only. Whether the lucky participant uses the brand for anything is up to them. No changes or revisions will be made after the LIVE training.)
  • Practical Application: Tips and tricks throughout the process to help you apply this session's knowledge to your OWN products and services!
Module 3: Make Bank!
  • Next Level Branding: Fonts, colors, and images are only the START of a good brand. This deep-dive module will have you looking at everything you do with more informed eyes.
  •  Customer Impact: Want to know how to truly impact your customers, even when you're not physically there? In this module we'll cover how to make your brand speak FOR you.
  • Next-Level Branding: What if you have a thousand interests? What about hobbies? How can you keep everything separate and use branding as both a time-management skill AND make it all work cohesively together so you're working smarter, not harder?
And Since I Can't Help Myself...

FREE Printable Branding Photo Shoot Planner!

A detailed step-by-step fill-in-the-blank guide for planning any photoshoot... from knowing exactly what you want ahead of time, what size images you need, to tips for hiring a photographer or videographer. This is for more than just headshots... it works for product and promotional photos too!

No more guessing or missing an important step just because you're not experienced!

FREE Live Training with Natalie Marie Collins, Elemental Stylist

I batted my eyelashes and she said, "Yes!" OK maybe it was just a text... but still, she said YES!!

Natalie has a unique spin on branding that will truly next-level how you see yourself and how you interact with your products, services and customers... to show up with true authenticity (I'm not just buzz-wording that!) and have your message HEARD... before you say a word.

Think it's magic? That's because it's... NATALIE. She IS magic. Come see for yourself!
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Frequently Asked Questions
How will I get access?
After you grab your spot a "Welcome" email will come out to you (in about 20 minutes) detailing your access information for the Members.TheCasualEntrepreneurs site where all the details you need to access the training and bonuses is waiting for you. It's INSTANT access! 
What if I have problems getting my order through?
Our super star Casual Customer Care Team is on call to assist you with any aspect of your order. Please email to get in touch with our support!
How do the bonuses work?
All the bonuses are listed on the side of your training Member's page ready for you.
What about after I go through the sessions... can I still ask questions?
Absolutely! This course will entitle you to an exclusive, completely complementary invite to The Casual Entrepreneur Students private Facebook group where your fellow students AND Kristen herself will be available to answer any questions that come up after and while you go through this training.
Is this course included in The Book Ninja Academy membership?
No. This is a completely different brand of products and trainings designed to help you build your business. It is not exclusively about books, authorship and publishing.
Do you have an Academy membership for The Casual Entrepreneur?
No. Right now all the products under The Business Ninja brand will be available only for Lifetime Access, not Subscription Access.
Refund Policy: Due to the Instant and LIFETIME Access you receive to this high value training and accompanying bonus trainings, there are no refunds on this product.
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